While each of these monthly statements is of value per se, their value as a whole increases each month on account of the ready means they afford of observing the fluctuations of the business and of making monthly comparisons. If made honestly, these monthly statements give results which may be relied upon. It may be argued, especially by those not accustomed to use them, that they are in the nature of estimates. This objection, however, does not affect their value for comparative purposes; for if the statements for a series of months are drawn on the same basis, it is evident they must show correctly the comparison between the business transacted in the respective months.

By means of loose leaves in a "ring" binder, it is not difficult to file these monthly statements in such a manner as to afford a ready means of comparison, and also to dispense with the monthly writing of the headings of the various accounts. Under this plan the accounts are typed on the right-hand side of sheets of the full width (say 8 X 14 inches) and the monthly figures may be written on sheets 5 X 14 inches, containing four money columns and horizontal ruling to correspond with the full sheets, the typing on which will be visible at all times.