It not infrequently happens that there are several officers in a real estate company, and perhaps several committees, each looking at the affairs of the concern from a different standpoint and requiring different information. This necessitates the keeping of accounts in such detail and yet in such clear form that they may be readily understood by each of the interested parties. Under such circumstances its records must be arranged to fill the following requirements at all times and on short notice:

1. To keep the manager of the business informed as to its general condition.

2. To inform the treasurer as to his current resources and liabilities, and particularly as to approaching liabilities, such as notes becoming payable, insurance to be renewed, taxes to be paid, etc.

3. To show the collection department the standing of each debtor.

4. To inform salesmen fully as to all unsold properties.

5. To show on the face of each account in the property ledger the cost to date of the property to which the account pertains, and to show in their appropriate places the costs of all other securities owned.