The object of this record is to facilitate reference to any desired deed. There are two forms in which this record may be kept, one of which is a numerical index in which there are columns for the following details: number of deed; name of grantor; kind of deed, that is, warranty deed, quitclaim deed, etc.; date of deed; place of recording deed; county; space for various entries.

Form 23 ( Section 26) may be used as an alternative. Although this form requires more writing than that described above, it saves constant reference to the actual deeds, which should be kept in the vault. The form chosen must depend on the preference of the person keeping the record and on the requirements of his office. In a general way it may be said that the form first mentioned is better adapted to the needs of a general land company which buys and sells lands, while Form 23 better serves the needs of those who hold lands, not primarily for sale, but for investment, grazing, logging, or other similar purposes.