The parties having made a contract and both desiring that it be consummated, agree, for the purpose of preventing anything arising to prevents its completion that "The stipulations herein are to apply to and bind the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of the respective parties." So if the seller die his heirs or executors taking title must carry out the contract in his stead and convey. In like manner if the purchaser die his executors, or administrators shall pay as provided in the contract. Any person taking title from the seller, knowing of the contract may be compelled to convey. If the purchaser assign his contract however, he is met with another proposition. He is endeavoring to assign an obligation. Should his assignee not carry out the contract, the seller may fall back on the purchaser and compel his performance of its terms. The purchaser's only protection when he assigns his contract is to take an express promise of performance from his assignee.