In addition to the estates and chattel interests already mentioned, there are various rights, known as liens, which affect the possession and ownership of realty. A lien is the right given by law to a creditor to have a debt or charge satisfied out of the property belonging to his debtor. Liens are of importance as the holder (lienor) may be entitled to have the realty sold whether or not the owner desires it. A lien necessarily arises from the relation of debtor and creditor and although the creation of that relation may have been voluntary, the lien once coming into existence, its enforcement is wholly free from any question of the owner's volition. Liens are of two kinds: general and specific. A general lien affects all the property of the debtor, a specific lien only a certain piece or pieces. The most important specific liens are:

1. Mortgages.

2. Taxes and Assessments.

3. Mechanic's Liens.

The common general liens are:

1. Judgments.

2. Decedent's Debts.

3. Transfer Tax.

4. Corporation Franchise Tax.