In order to ascertain the amount of tax against a particular piece of property a tax rate must be determined. To arrive at the tax rate, two factors are used - the budget or amount of money to be raised, and the total valuation of taxable property within the district. The total amount to be raised by taxation divided by the total assessed valuation gives the rate. The rate applied to the value of a particular parcel of real estate gives the amount of taxes chargeable to it. For example, assume the budget to be $200,000,000, the assessed value of the property $8,000,000,000, and the amount derived from revenues other than taxes for real estate $50,000,000; the tax rate would be determined by deducting $50,000,000 from $200,000,000, which would leave $150,000,000, which divided by $8,000,000,000 gives .01875, or $1.875 per $100 assessed valuation.