Fee, fee simple, and fee simple absolute, all having the same meaning, may be defined as the largest possible estate in real property. The owner of this estate may use it and dispose of it during his lifetime or by his will as he desires, or if he do not make any such disposition, the real property automatically passes at his death to his heirs without any future limitation, other than the four limitations mentioned above, which it must be remembered affect all real property. The instrument creating the estate contains usually the words "to A and his heirs and assigns forever." Most realty is held in fee simple, and the term "Ownership" ordinarily indicates such a right. A fee simple is therefore the subject of the usual commercial transaction in the sale of realty. All other estates in real property are less than and some part of the fee simple. When gathered together they make a complete fee. This "splitting up" of the fee simple is usually as to quantity or time.