Owners carry for their protection various kinds of insurance. Among them are fire, liability, plate glass, elevator, steam boiler, workman's compensation and rent insurance. The agent can assist in keeping fire insurance premiums down to a minimum by eliminating fire hazards as much as possible. Sometimes the character of a tenant's business increases the insurance rate on the building. This should be recognized in making the lease with such tenant, possibly by having him agree to pay the additional premium caused by his occupancy. A study of the rate schedule for the building may suggest methods of securing reductions in the rate. Liability insurance is carried so that any claim for damages is defended by the insurance company and loss, if any, paid by it. Plate glass insurance is against breakage. Sometimes the tenant pays the premium on it as additional rent. Elevator, steam boiler and workman's compensation insurance are important, the last mentioned being required by law. Rent insurance is entirely optional with the owner. Many do not carry it, being willing to assume the risk of a loss of rents due to a fire.