Under the Statute of Frauds in New York, leases for more than one year must be in writing and subscribed by the party to be charged. It follows then that leases for terms up to one year may be verbal. With regard to written leases, it is important that the agreement clearly express all of the terms of the lease as the writing will control over claims regarding a verbal understanding of any matter relating to the letting. Leases of three years or more may be recorded under the New York

1 An exception to this in New York is that leases of agricultural lands shall be for periods not longer than twelve years (N. Y. State Constitution, Art I. Sec. 13.)

2 The provision of the New York State Tax law concerning taxation of rent received under leases for more than 21 years was repealed in 1923.

Statute. The laws of other States differ as to the length of time for which a verbal lease may be made and also as to the term of recordable leases.

Possession of real property is actual notice of the occupant's claim upon it, and for this reason the recording of a lease is not always important. Failure to find a lease on record is not conclusive evidence that the tenant's lease is a short one.