I. The Husband's Rights During Coverture. Sec. 205. Rights at common law.

206. Equitable modifications of husband's rights.

207. Statutory modifications of husband's rights.

II. Dower.

Sec. 208. General nature.

209. Necessity of marriage.

210. Seisin of the husband.

211. Duration of the seisin-Transitory seisin.

212. Things in which the dower right exists.

213. Character of the husband's estate.

214. Dower in equitable estates.

215. Bare legal estates.

216. Dower in mortgaged land.

217. Dower in reversions and remainders.

218. Dower in land jointly owned.

219. Estoppel to deny husband's title.

220. Effect of conveyance by husband.

(a) Before marriage.

(b) After marriage.

221. Destruction or termination of husband's estate.

222. Enforcement of mortgage or other lien.

223. Enforcement of contract of sale.

224. Release of dower.

225. Testamentary provision in lieu of dower.

226. Jointure or antenuptial agreement.

227. Adultery and abandonment.

228. Effect of divorce.

229. Estoppel to claim dower.

230. Dower inchoate.

231. Dower consummate.

232. The widow's quarantine.

233. The assignment of dower.

234. Proceedings to compel assignment.

235. Dower after assignment.

236. Statutes altering or abolishing dower.

III. Curtesy.

Sec. 237. General nature.

238. Necessity of marriage.


239. Seisin of the wife.

240. Birth of issue.

241. Things in which curtesy exists.

242. Character of the wife's estate.

243. Modes of excluding curtesy.

244. Curtesy initiate.

245. Curtesy consummate.

246. Statutes altering or abolishing curtesy.

IV. Homestead Rights.

Sec. 247. General character of the rights.

248. The wife's rights during coverture.

249. Rights of surviving consort.

250. Rights of children.

I. The Husband's Rights During Coverture.