In the Counties of Middlesex and Yorkshire (f) all deeds and wills affecting lands should be registered in the County Registers.

The title of the owner is not registered under these Acts: but each deed or document dealing with the land is registered separately. This facilitates proof of the title, but does not dispense with investigation of title.

Effect of Non-registration. - If a deed or will is not registered it is void as against a subsequent purchaser for value, if that purchaser registers his deed first (g). But if a will is registered within six months after the death of the testator, it is as valid as if it had been registered immediately on his death (h).

In Middlesex, if the second purchaser has express notice of the first unregistered deed, he does not get a good title (i).

In Yorkshire, the person who registers his deed first gets priority, even if he has actual or constructive notice of the earlier unregistered deed, except in case of fraud (k).