If the buyer's solicitor or counsel discovers any apparent defects in the title, or any facts which require proof, he deals with them by means of requisitions, which are sent to the seller's solicitor, who sends back his replies to the buyer's queries.

Form. These are some of the requisitions which might be asked in respect of the abstract on p. 278.

Contracts for the Sale of Land 281



1. When was Winifred Green married? If after the 1st of January, 1883, proof of the date of her marriage must be supplied (t).

1. Winifred Green was married on the 8th of August, 1883.

Certificate of her marriage will be produced at the purchaser's expense.

2. A tracing of the plan on the deed of the 24th September, 1885, must be supplied.

2. There was no plan on this deed.

3. Probate of the will of Mary Thompson should be produced.

3. This shall be done.

4. The death of G.

Brown on the 1st

February, 1904, must be proved by certificate.


4. This shall be done at the purchaser's expense.


If any of the replies to the requisitions are considered unsatisfactory, further requisitions are made and further replies returned. When the replies are such that the buyer can safely accept them, the buyer's solicitor or counsel draws up the conveyance.