On the Greenland, or Polar Ice - On the Tremendous Concussion of Fields of Ice - Icebergs - Magnitude of Icebergs - The Glaciers - Shower of Ice - Remarkable Frosts,

There winter, arm'd with terrors here unknown,

Sits absolute on his unshaken throne;

Piles up his stores amid the frozen waste,

And bids the mountains he has built, stand fast;

Beckons the legions of his storms away

From happier scenes, to make this land a prey;

Proclaims the soil a conquest he has won,

And scorns to share it with the distant sun. Cowper.

Another poet thus describes the polar regions:Vast regions, dreary, bleak, and bare!

There on an icy mountain's height,

Seen only by the moon's pale light,

Stern winter rears his giant form,

His robe a mist, his voice a storm:

His frown the shiv'ring nations fly,

And, hid for half the year, in smoky caverns lie. Scott.