The following description of a meteoric stone, which fell in the year 1511, is taken from a set of observations on natural history, meteorology, etc. made in the early part of the sixteenth century, by Andrea da Prato, of Milan. These have not been published; but various copies of them exist. They have been commented upon by Dr. Louis Rossi, in the Giomale di Fisica, Chemica, etc. from whence this description is taken. - "On the 4th of September, 1511, at the second hour of the night, and also at the seventh, there appeared in the air, at Milan, a running fire, with such splendour, that the day seemed to have returned; and some persons beheld the appearance of a large head, which caused great wonder and fear in the city. The same thing happened on the following night at the ninth hour. A few days after, beyond the river Adela, there fell from heaven many stones, which being collected at Cremasco (Creina), were found to weigh eight, and even eleven pounds each. Their colour was similar to that of burnt stones." - Dr. Bossi considers this as an authentic description of the fall of an aerolite.