Antonio Pacchiom, an Italian anatomist, born in Reggio about 1665, died in Rome in 1726. He was associated at an early period with Malpighi in the practice of medicine, but soon devoted himself to anatomy, in which he made many original researches, particularly upon the brain and its membranes. Some of his conclusions with regard to the structure of these parts, especially as to the muscular nature and sensibility of the dura mater, proved erroneous, but he still justly deserves great credit as an original investigator. His name is perpetuated in the anatomical designation of the glandulce PaccHioni, small rounded bodies, composed of fibrous and elastic tissue, found adhering to the membranes of the brain along the course of the great longitudinal fissure. These bodies were described by him, from their external appearance and connections, as conglobate lymphatic glands, the science of microscopic anatomy not being at that time sufficiently advanced to enable him to recognize their intimate structure. His principal works are: De Dura Matre Disquisitio anatomica (Rome, 1701); Dissertatio epistolaris de Glandulis conglobatis Duroe Meningis Humanoe, indeque ortis Lympliaticis ad Piam Meningen produces (1705); Disputationes bince illustrandis Durce Meningis et ejus Glandularum Structure!) atque Usibus concinnatce (1713); and Dissertationes physico-anatomicce de Dura Me-ninge Humana, novis Experiment is et Lucu-brationibus auctoe et illustratoe (1721). His collected works were published at Rome in 1741 (1 vol. 4to).