Pierre De Berulle, a French prelate and statesman, born near Troves, Feb. 4, 1575, died in Paris, Oct. 2, 162!). He was the founder of the order of Carmelite nuns and of the congregation of the Oratory in France. He brought about the first reconciliation between Louis XIII. and his mother, concluded as ambassador to Spain the peace of Monzon, obtained on a mission to the Roman see a dispensation for the marriage of Henrietta of France with the prince of Wales, and accompanied the princess to England. He afterward became minister of state, to the great displeasure of Richelieu, who soon made this position untenable for him, after which he returned to ecclesiastical avocations. Urban VIII. made him cardinal in 1627, but he declined the bishoprics offered to him by Henry IV. and Louis XIII., and remained content with the moderate benefice of two abbeys, joining as before his elevation in the humble practices of his order. He was also noted for his patronage of literature and science, and was among the first to appreciate Descartes. His works, chiefly sermons, passed through many editions during his life, and were collected by his disciples after his death (2 vols, fob, 1644, and 1 vol. fob, 1657).