Camlyatzin, Or Cacnmazin, a Mexican king, died in 1521. He was nephew of Montezuma, and reigned over Tezcuco, the principal city of Anahuac. The nobles, priests, and people saw with indignation the humiliation of their king and kingdom under Cortes and the Spaniards. Oaminatzin proposed a declaration of war against the foreigners. The proposal was received with enthusiasm, and Caminatzin called upon the Spaniards to leave the country immediately, or to expect to be treated as enemies. Cortes was preparing to march against Tezcuco, when the representations of Montezuma concerning the defences of the town and the daring of the population induced him to change his plan, and to resort to treason instead of force. At his instigation Montezuma invited his nephew to Mexico to become reconciled with the Spaniards. The answer of Caminatzin was that he could enter Mexico only to destroy the oppressors of his country. Montezuma then despatched secret agents to Tezcuco to get possession of the young prince. His officers and friends were corrupted, and he was delivered by them to Cortes and imprisoned.

He was released after the expulsion of the Spaniards, and is supposed to have perished soon after in the siege of Mexico.