Charles Francois Brissean De Mirbel, a French naturalist, born in Paris, March 27, 1776, died near there, Sept. 12, 1854. In 1794he entered the topographical bureau, but in 1796 fled to the south of France for political reasons. He studied botany at Tarbes under Ra-mond, and made several botanical tours across the Pyrenees. In 1798 he returned to Paris, and became connected with the museum of natural history. He published some essays in the Bulletin de la societe philomathique, and in 1800 began a course of botanical lectures at the Athenaeum. In 1803 he became superintendent of the gardens and conservatories of Malmaison. In 1806 he went to Holland, when Louis Bonaparte appointed him his private secretary and counsellor of state. He soon returned to Paris, and in 1808 became a member of the institute, and assistant professor of botany and vegetable physiology to the faculty of sciences, and in 1828 professor of culture in the jardin des plantes.. His works comprise Traite d'anatomie et de physiologie vegetale (2 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1802); Exposition de la theorie de l'organisation vegetale (8vo, Amsterdam, 1808); Elements de physiologie vegetale et de uotanique (3 vols. 8vo, Paris, 1815). He also wrote 5 of the 18 volumes devoted to the history of plants in Sonnini's Cours d'histoire naturelle. - His second wife, Lizinska Aimee Zoe Rue, born in Cherbourg, July 26, 1796, was one of the best miniature portrait painters of her day.

She died in Paris, Aug. 31, 1849.