Charles G. Athertoiy, an American senator, born at Amherst, N. H., July 4, 1804, died Nov. 15, 1853. He was elected a member of congress in 1837, and on Dec. 11, 1838, introduced under a suspension of the rules a series of resolutions, declaring that "congress has no jurisdiction over the institution of slavery in the several states of the confederacy;" and that "every petition, memorial, resolution, proposition, or paper, touching or relating in any way or to any extent whatever to slavery, or to the abolition thereof, shall, on the presentation thereof, without any further action thereon, be laid on the table without being debated, printed, or referred." These resolutions were passed, under the previous question, by a vote of 126 to 78, and formed the basis of the 21st rule of the next congress, by which all such petitions, upon presentation, were considered as objected to, and the question of their reception laid on the table. Mr. Ather-ton continued in the house of representatives till 1843, when he was elected to the senate, where he remained till 1849. He was again elected in 1852.