Constantine V, surnamed Copronymus, emperor of the East, born at Constantinoplcin 719, died off Selymbria, Sept. 14, 775. He was the son of Leo III., was crowned by his father in 720, and in 733 married a Khazar princess, who took the name of Irene. .He became emperor in 741. His reign in the interior was a long succession of atrocious crimes and excesses, if the accounts of his contemporaries, mainly religious adversaries, are to be believed. In his wars he was successful, defeating in turn the Saracens, Slavic invaders, and the Bulgarians. But he is best known by his opposition to the use of images in the churches, and to the increase of monasteries. In 754 he summoned a council at Constantinople, which after six months1 deliberation unanimously declared that all visible symbols of the Saviour, except in the eucharist, were either blasphemous or heretical; that image worship was a corruption of Christianity and a renewal of paganism; and that all images should be destroyed. He laid claim to the exarchate of Ravenna, and courted the favor of Pepin, to whom he is said to have sent the first organ ever known in Fiance.