Duncker. I. Karl, a German publisher, born in Berlin, March 25, 1781, died there, July 15, 1869. He was a clerk in a Leipsic and Berlin publishing house, and established in 1809 a house in the latter city, of which he became the sole proprietor in 1828, after the death of his partner Peter Humblot. The writings of Hegel, Ranke, and other celebrated authors were issued from his press. He sold his establishment in 1866 to K. Geibel of Leipsic, who continues it under the old firm name of Dunck-er and Humblot. II. Maximilian Wolfgang, a German historian, son of the preceding, born in Berlin, Oct. 15, 1811. He graduated at Halle, and became professor there in 1842. In 1848 he was a member of the Frankfort parliament and of the Prussian diet. His published strictures on the Prussian foreign minister, Man-teuffel, interfering with his promotion at Halle, he went in 1857 as professor to Tubingen, and on the formation of the Hohenzollern cabinet went in 1858 to Berlin as an assistant in the ministry of state. In 1861 he was appointed councillor of the crown prince, and in 1867 * director of the Prussian archives.

His principal work is Geschichte des Alterthums (4 vols., Berlin, 1852-'7). - His brother, Franz Gustav, born June 4, 1822, a publisher of Berlin, was a leader of the German progressive party in 1848, member of the Prussian diet in 1861, a founder of trades unions in 1869, and in 1871 the chief of a movement for the promotion of culture among the people by a German national union. Another brother, Hermann, is also prominent as a liberal politician.