Edward G Malbone, an American portrait painter, born in Newport, R. I., in August, 1777, died in Savannah, Ga., May 7, 1807. When very young he painted a landscape scene for the Newport theatre, afterward employed himself in drawing heads in miniature, and at 17 years of age settled in Providence as a portrait painter. He removed in the spring of 1796 to Boston, where he was well received, and during the next four years pursued his art with industry in various cities. In 1800 he accompanied Washington Allston to Charleston, and in 1801 sailed for Europe. Malbone remained a few months in London, where he was urged by Ben]' am in West, the president of the royal academy, to take up his permanent residence; but he returned to Charleston in December. For several years he painted miniatures in the chief cities of the United States; and in 1806 he visited the West Indies, hoping to regain his health, but in vain. His best picture is "The Hours," in which three female figures represent the Present, Past, and Future.