Gino Capponi, marquis, an Italian author, born in Florence, Sept. 14, 1792. His ancestors were called the Scipios of the Florentine republic. After spending several years in travel he became chamberlain of the grand duke of Tuscany, but not approving of his policy he retired. In 1847 he was for a short time prime minister, and in 1849 a member of the provisional government of Tuscany. In 1859 he was chosen president of the consulta, and afterward became a member of the senate, and chairman of the committee relating to historical researches in Tuscany, Uinbria, and the Marches. He was one of the founders of the Antologia, and after its suppression in 1842 he established in Florence the Archivio storico italiano, and in Paris (1845-'6) the Gazetta Italiana, in which he urges the secularization, of the papal government. He has been for many years a member of the academy della Crusca, taking an active part, even after he became blind, in the preparation of new editions of the academical dictionary, and, .together with Becchi, Borghi, and Niccolini, in that of an improved edition of Dante's Dimna Commedia (Florence, 1837). He edited Colletta's Storia del reame di Na-poli and the Documenti di storia Italiana (Florence, 1836-'7).