Jean Louis Delolme, a, Swiss author, born in the city of Geneva in 1740, died in the canton of Schwytz, July 16, 1806. Having published a pamphlet which gave umbrage to the authorities of his native city, in which he had been established as a lawyer, Delolme repaired to England, where he became an earnest student of British institutions. He was the author of various works and essays on political affairs, but his fame rests upon his great work, Constitution de l'Angleterre, ou etat du gouvernement anglais compare avec la forme republicaine et avec lesautres monarchies de l'Europe. First published at Amsterdam in 1771, it met with a favorable reception, which induced Delolme to enlarge and improve it, and to publish a new edition in English, which appeared in 1772, and was several times republished. An edition with life and notes by J. Macgregor, M. P., was published in 1853. Delolme wrote several other works in English. He was finally reduced to great poverty, and returned home through charity.