Bassviille, Or Basseville, Nicolas Jean Hugon Or Hudson De, a French writer and diplomatist, assassinated in Rome, Jan. 13, 1793. Previors to being appointed in 1792 as secretary of legation at Naples, he was known as a teacher, author, and journalist. He was sent from Naples to Rome for the protection of French commercial interests, and while there the convention sent to him a M. Flotte with instructions to hoist the republican flag on the consular building, and ordering the French residents to make similar demonstrations. This being resisted by the mob, a riot broke out, during which Bassville was killed. The convention took up the case as a violation of international law, adopted his son, and forced the Roman see to pay 300,000 francs to be divided among the victims. The Italian poet Monti made this event the subject of a powerful poem, entitled Basstilliana; and other writers have commemorated Bassville's fate, though he had much less to do with displaying the republican emblems than the subordinate agent Flotte.