Alexei Fedchenko, a Russian naturalist, born about 1830, died near the summit of the Col du Geant, Switzerland. Aug. 14, 1873. He resided at Moscow, and was a high authority on the geography of central Asia. He went to Switzerland to compare the glaciers of Mont Blanc and the Col du Geant with those which he had discovered in the mountains of Khokan. He left Montreux on foot for Chamouni Aug. 12, and on the 14th proceeded to the Col du Geant with two guides. He had gone within about two hours' walk of the summit when a violent storm and avalanches of snow forced him to retrace his steps, and he fell from exhaustion and perished. He left unfinished an important work, which his wife, who accompanied him in all his journeys, though not in this ascent, designs publishing.