Farthingale (Fr. vertugadin, It. guardin-fante, Sp. vertugado, guardian of virtue), a petticoat spread to a wide circumference by hoops of willow, whalebone, or iron, introduced into England under this name in the reign of Elizabeth. In the reign of Anne it was called a tub petticoat. It appeared in France early in the reign of Louis XV. under the name of vertn-gadin and panier, or basket petticoat, its greatest diameter being made equal to the height of the lady. Its abandonment was effected near the close of the same reign by Mlle. Clai-ron, who appeared on the stage without it; but it again became fashionable under Marie Antoinette. In England the hoop, the successor of the farthingale, went out of fashion in the reign of George IV., who forbade it at court.