Fleming, a N. E. county of Kentucky, bounded S. W. by Licking river; area estimated at 500 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 13,398, of whom 1,556 were colored. The E. part is hilly and the W. undulating. The soil is generally good. Near Licking river is a remarkable deposit of iron fulgurites, the oxide being formed into regular tubes of various diameters, from that of a pistol barrel to several inches. The chief productions in 1870 were 53,011 bushels of wheat, 26,466 of rye, 686,538 of Indian corn, 78,242 of oats, 26,483 of potatoes, 219,970 lbs. of butter, 27,854 of wool, and 305.954 of tobacco. There were 4,705 horses, 2,915 milch cows, 6,019 other cattle, 9,552 sheep, and 1,904 swine; 2 flour mills, 3 saw mills, and 2 distilleries. Capital, Flemingsburg.