Francesco Francia, a painter of the Bolo-gnese school, whose real name was Francesco Raibolini, born in Bologna about 1450, died in 1517, or, according to Lanzi, in 1533. He was originally a goldsmith, and acquired great skill in his profession, under the direction of a master named Francia, whose name he took. In 1490 Giovanni Bentivoglio invited the artists of neighboring cities to adorn his palace in Bologna. Francia, zealous to uphold the honor of Bolognese art, competed with the strangers, and painted some noble works for the Bentivoglio chapel, one of which, an altarpiece with portraits of the Bentivogli, is probably as fine a specimen of his style as exists. Later in life Francia attempted fresco painting, of his proficiency in which he has left a notable example in the series illustrating the life of St. Cecilia, now in decay. His style partakes of the characteristics of Perugino and G. Bellini.