Gatchina, a town of Russia, in the government and 28 m. S. S. W. of the city of St. Petersburg, on a small lake formed by the Izhora river; pop. in 1867, 8,337. It is the private property of the emperor, and is famous for the imperial palace, built by Prince Gregory Orloff, and purchased on his death by Catharine II., who presented it in 1784 to her son, the grand duke Paul. The latter made it his favorite residence, and in 1797 granted municipal franchises to ,the town which grew up around the palace. The grounds are extensive and well laid out, and the park is intersected by lakes and streams which abound in trout. The emperor maintains a kennel here, but the palace is rarely inhabited by the present imperial family, and many of the paintings have been removed to the Hermitage. There are manufactures of porcelain, cloths, and hats.