Gera, a town in the German principality of Reuss-Schleiz, in a beautiful valley on the right bank of the White Elster, 35. m. S. S. W. of Leipsic; pop. in 1871, 17,959. It consists of the town proper and two suburbs, and is regularly built, having been restored in modern style after a great conflagration in 1780. It has manufactories of woollens, cotton, linen, camlet, porcelain, stoneware, tobacco, leather, soap, chocolate, glue, artificial flowers, musical instruments, and fire engines, iron founderies, large breweries and dyeing establishments, and carries on a considerable trade. Its old castle dates from 108G, when the place first became a town, and was bestowed on the baron of Reuss in the 12th century. Three railways connect the town with Zeitz, Gossnitz, and Eichicht.