German Silver, Or Argentane, an alloy resembling silver, made of variable proportions of its ingredients according to the uses for which it is designed. A composition of 8 parts of copper to 3 each of nickel and zinc is recommended as making a close imitation of silver of 750/1000 The two latter metals are also used in the proportions of 4 each to 8 of copper. By using a larger proportion of copper the alloy is more easily rolled into plates, but the copper sooner becomes apparent in use. Iron used in the proportion of 2 to 2 1/2 per cent. renders the composition whiter but more brittle. The genuine German silver, made from the original ore of Hildburghausen in Henneberg, analyzed by Keferstein, was found to consist of copper 40.4 per cent., nickel 31.6, zinc 25.4, iron 2.6.