Jean Baptiste Fiard, abbe, a French ecclesiastic, born in Dijon, Nov. 28, 1736, died there, Sept. 30, 1818. He accounted for the perversities of human conduct by ascribing them to demoniac agency. It was his opinion that Voltaire and other philosophers of his time were merely demons, and he denounced them as such before an assembly of the clergy of France in 1775. The French revolution seemed to him a great diabolic triumph, and his opinion was confirmed by his own imprisonment for two years for persistence in the exercise of the priesthood. Among his writings are Lettres philosophigues surla magic (Dijon, 1803), and La France trompee par les magi-ciens et demonoldtres du 18 siecle, fait demontrS par des faits (Dijon, 1803).