Pierre Louis Charles Achille De Fa Illy, a French soldier, born at Rozoy-sur-Serre, department of Aisne, about 1810. He went to Algeria as sub-lieutenant in 1828, was afterward orderly | officer of King Louis Philippe and director ! of the military school at Toulouse, became brigadier general in 1852, and for his services i in the Crimean war was made general of di-| vision. Sept. 22, 1855. He was aide-de-camp of Napoleon III., commanded a division in the war of 1859, and especially distinguished himself at Solferino. In 1867 he was sent ! with an expeditionary corps to Rome. On the outbreak of the Franco-German war in 1870 he was placed in command of the fifth ' corps, with his headquarters at Bitsch. After the disastrous battle of Worth he retired with i the remnant of MacMahon's army to Chalons. ! Cooperating with the forces of the latter during their passage of the Ardennes for the relief of Bazaine at Metz, he was surprised and de-feated at Beaumont, Aug. 30. MacMahon was paralyzed, and the capitulation of Sedan terminated the career of Failly. While a prisoner of war he attempted in his Marches et operations du 5me corps (Brussels, 1871) to refute the charges brought against him.