Across the top of the window stretch some fine spool wire or string, commencing at the glass, and placing the wires about six inches apart. Let them slant to the back. On these hang ladies' handkerchiefs. Alternate rows of white with rows of colored borders. As each row toward the back of window is slightly lower than the one in front of it, this will produce a charming effect and have the appearance of a prettily fringed ceiling. The next thing to do is to fill in the back of the window. For this purpose place at distances of from one to three feet apart four pieces of wood about four inches in width, allowing them to reach across the full width of the window. The second piece from the top and the bottom piece should be about a foot and a half nearer the front of the window than the other pieces. Then stretch the various colored materials across the wood and a good effect will be produced. This gives four inches over the flat pieces of wood to put show cards on.