There is no line of goods carried in a dry goods stock that is more diversified in color, widths and general effects than are ribbons. A very striking window can be made by constructing of light boards a framework six feet square, or of any size which will best fill your window. Across this may be drawn ribbons of various widths and colors in such order as will make a solid wall of color, forming a handsome and attractive show-card. The loose ends may be pinned to the frame and the uncut ends so fixed as to stay in position and still not require cutting or separation from the roll. The preparation of this window will give tasteful young saleswomen a good opportunity to display their skill. If desired, other contrasting colored ribbons may be interlaced at right angles, or a little ingenuity will be rewarded by the designing of a number of beautiful geometrical figures. A very showy window can also be arranged by the use of different colored ribbons by interlacing and weaving them in such a manner as to produce a perfect checkerboard.