Baby Caps. The styles of baby caps are originated in Paris and other fashion centres of Europe, and are copied in this country the following season. Those not initiated in the mysteries of this bee-hive industry can scarcely form a correct idea of the importance it plays in the manufacturing interests of this country. New York and Philadelphia supply the country with more than seven-eighths of the goods consumed. New York takes precedence in sales of the cheaper grade of goods, while Philadelphia is noted for the better class. It is a current saying amongst the trade that Philadelphia is as famous for "baby caps as Connecticut is for corsets." The baby cap manufacture represents in the two cities a capital of $1,000,-000, employing over 1,500 girls, averaging $7 per week, making $10,500 weekly outlay of wages. The estimated output amounts to over 5,000,000 caps annnally. [See Hats and Caps]