Clothes. Garments for the human body. Dress; vestments; raiment; vesture; clothing; personal attire. According to statisticians, there are about five hundred millions of the human race who are well clothed - that is, who wear garments of some kind. Seven hundred millions cover only certain parts of the body, and two hundred and fifty millions go entirely naked. History teaches that man originated in tropical regions, hence it is reasonable to suppose, on account of the mildness of the climate, that in the first stages of his existence the garments adopted by man consisted of only such as were required for decency. As the population of the earth grew and gradually extended northward to less favorable regions, and was divided into nations and classes of society, additional clothing became necessary, both for comfort and as a distinguishing badge of nation or of class. Philosophers assert that clothes are our friends or our foes all the days of our lives. They control our very health to say nothing of our worldly credit, and are never without some influence, pleasurable or the reverse, upon our associates. [See Dress, Costume, Colors, Fashion]