Fish Hooks. An article to be found in nearly every well-selected stock of notions, and one, also, which suggests the wonderful strides made by American manufacturers in the past few years. It has been but a short time since all of the small Yankee notions consumed in this country were imported from abroad, but at present in the manufacture of many of these articles foreign makers are completely shut out, and foreign markets even supplied by American industry. In fish hooks this is eminently the case. Even yet American-made goods are used by some dealers packed with foreign labels, to deceive consumers, who foolishly believe the foreign makes are better. The American Needle and Fish Hook Co. now produce the best tempered and most reliable fish hook in the world, in all the various sizes. There is a little machine which turns out fish hooks in six strokes. Stroke number one bites off a morsel of steel wire; number two makes the loop where the line is fastened; number three hacks the other end; number four flattens and bends the barb; number five makes the point; number six bends the wire, and the fish hook drops into a little bucket ready to be japanned and packed in gross boxes.