Table Linen. Table cloths, table napkins, tray napkins, damask slips, damask doylies, tea cloths, etc., are all included in the general term of "table linen." Table cloths may be had of various dimensions, and in either single or double damask. They are made from 2 yards square, to 2x2)4, 2 1/2 x3, 3 1/2 x4, 4 1/2 , 5, 5 1/2 up to 8 yards in length, so as to dine from 6 to 20 persons; also in due proportions up to 10 yards in length, and in square and oval shape. Damask slips to spread over the ends of a table, to match any of the table cloths named, are made 22 inches in width, up to 27 inches. Tea cloths, with doylies to match them, are usually woven with colored borders, or else piece-dyed in light colors. Dinner napkins are made three-quarters of a yard square, by seven-eighths; also seven-eights by one yard square. Damask doylies are manufactured in round, oval or square form. Tray cloths are 1 1/2 yards square, and lxl 1/4 yards square. [See Damask]