The simplest and most convenient method of displaying a quantity of fabrics in the show window, and one which can be recommended alike for its economy and opportunities offered the display of a large amount of goods, is the "tier" or "step" method. There are no lines of goods which can not be advantageously displayed thereon, and no other way by which so large a number of articles can be tastily exhibited at one time. The steps may be made in a variety of ways and materials, the height and depth of which is necessarily regulated by the dimensions of the window. Soft pine boards one inch thick and twelve inches in width will be found the best suited for all purposes, though for some lines of merchandise brass fixtures greatly enhance the beauty of the display.

The above design is intended for a three-tier window. The dress fabrics are draped over forms as illustrated on Page 503. Care should be exercised to prevent the exposure of pins used in fastening the cloth to the dummy.

Counter Stand. Rod Hook. Swinging Arm. Chain Rods. Arm Drapery. Rod Drapery