Cadillac, a city and the county seat of Wexford county, Michigan, U.S.A., on Lake Cadillac, about 95 m. N. by E. of Grand Rapids and about 85 m. N.W. of Bay City. Pop. (1890) 4461; (1900) 5997, of whom 1676 were foreign-born; (1904) 6893; (1910) 8375. It is served by the Ann Arbor and the Grand Rapids & Indiana railways. Cadillac overlooks picturesque lake scenery, and the good fishing for pike, pickerel and perch in the lake, and for brook trout in streams near by, attracts many visitors. Among the city's chief manufactures are hardwood lumber, iron, tables, crates and woodenware, veneer, flooring and flour. Cadillac was settled in 1871, was incorporated as a village under the name of Clam Lake in 1875, was chartered as a city under its present name (from Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac) in 1877, and was rechartered in 1895.