Moritz Brosch (1829-1907), German historian, was born at Prague on the 7th of April 1829, was educated at Prague and Vienna, and became a journalist. Later he devoted himself to historical study, and he died on the 14th of July 1907 at Venice, where he had resided for over thirty years. To the series Geschichte der europäischen Staaten Brosch contributed England 1509-1550 (6 vols., Gotha, 1884-1899), a continuation of the work of J.M. Lappenberg and R. Pauli, and Der Kirchenstaat (Gotha, 1880-1882). He gave further proof of his interest in English history by writing Lord Bolingbroke und die Whigs und Tories seiner Zeit (Frankfort, 1883), and Oliver Cromwell und die puritanische Revolution (Frankfort, 1886). He also wrote Julius II. und die Gründung des Kirchenstaats (Gotha, 1878), while one of his last pieces of work was to contribute a chapter on "The height of the Ottoman power" to vol. iii. of the Cambridge Modern History.

See A.W. Ward in the English Historical Review, vol. xxii. (1907).