5530. Simple Remedy for Rheumatism

5530.    Simple Remedy for Rheumatism. Bathe the parts affected with water in which potatoes have been boiled, as hot as can be borne, just before going to bed; by the next morning the pain will be much relieved, if not removed. One application of this simple remedy has cured the most obstinate rheumatic pains.

5531. Dover's Rheumatic Powder

5531. Dover's Rheumatic Powder. Ipecacuanha powder, and purified opium, of each 1 part; sulphate of potassa, 8 parts; triturate them together to a fine powder. Be very careful to reduce the opium, and intimately mix with the rest. This powder is recommended by Dr. Dover as an effectual remedy for rheumatism. The dose is from 2 to 5 grains, repeated. Avoid much drinking after taking it, or it might act as an emetic.

5532. Remedy for Rheumatism

5532. Remedy for Rheumatism. Take 1/2 ounce each black cohosh root, golden seal, and nerve powder; 1 pint of rum. Mix. Dose, table-spoonful 3 times a day. The most obstinate cases of rheumatism have yielded to the above simple remedy.

5533. Speedy Cure for Rheumatism

5533. Speedy Cure for Rheumatism. Dr. R. H. 'Boyd states that he cures inflammatory rheumatism in from 3 to 7 days by the following method: Give first a full emetic dose of tartar emetic (1 to 2 grains), and when this ha3 operated, 5 drops laudanum and 5 drops tincture of colchicum, every 3 or 4 hours, and a tea-spoonful of a half-pint mixture, containing 4 drachms acetate of potassa, every hour. When the patient becomes very hungry, and is quite free from pain, having fasted several days, ho allows 2 tablespoonfuls of milk or 1 oyster 3 times a day, increasing the quantity gradually each day.

5534. Remedy for Inflammatory Rheumatism

5534. Remedy for Inflammatory Rheumatism. Gelseminum, administered in doses of 5 to 30 drops, is a very serviceable remedy. The dose should be repeated at intervals until the pain and inflammation disappear.

5535. Rheumatic Alterative

5535.    Rheumatic Alterative. Macerate for 3 or 4 days ounce each colchicum seed and black cohosh root, both well bruised, in 1 pint best rye whiskey. A dessert-spoonful 3 times a day, before meals, has been found a valuable remedy in chronic rheumatism.

5536. Indian Remedy for Rheumatism

5536.    Indian Remedy for Rheumatism. Macerate the following ingredients for a few days in 1 quart rye whiskey : 1 ounce bark of wahoo root, 1 ounce blood root, 2 ounces black cohosh root, 1/2 ounce swamp hellebore, 1 ounce prickly ash bark, and 1 ounce poke root cut fine. Dose, 1 tea-spoonful every 3 or 4 hours, increasing the dose as the stomach will bear it.

5537. Spanish Cure for Chronic and Syphilitic Rheumatism

5537.    Spanish Cure for Chronic and Syphilitic Rheumatism. Take 4 ounces sarsaparilla, 1 ounce rasped guaiacum wood, 2 ounces extract of sarsaparilla, ounce crude antimony. Tie them in a linen rag with 10 drachms English walnut hulls (or black walnut), and boil in 3 pints water down to 2 pints; strain. Dose, a wine-glassful every hour.