1188. Barbers' Shampoo Mixture

1188.      Barbers' Shampoo Mixture. Shampooing is a term used for cleansing the head and hair. Salts of tartar (carbonate of potassa) is the principal article used by barbers for this purpose. Dissolve 1 ounce salts of tartar in 1 quart soft water; sprinkle freely on the head and rub well till a lather is formed; wash off with clean water. Bay rum can then be used if desired.

1189. Shampoo Liquor

1189.    Shampoo Liquor. Salts of tarHAIR DYES.

tar, 4 ounces; pulverized borax, 4 ounces; soft water, 1 gallon. Mix, and bottle for use.

1190. Fine Shampoo Liquor

1190.    Fine Shampoo Liquor. This excellent wash for the hair is made by dissolving 1/2 ounce carbonate of ammonia and 1 ounce borax in 1 quart water, and adding thereto 2 ounces glycerine, 3 quarts New England rum, and 1 quart bay rum. The hair, having been moistened with this liquor, is to be shampooed with the hands until a slight lather is formed; and the latter being then washed out with clear water, leaves the head clean, and the hair moist and glossy.

1191. Hair Curling Liquid

1191.     Hair Curling Liquid. Take borax, 2 ounces; gum-arabic, 1 drachm; add hot water (not boiling), 1 quart; stir, and as soon as the ingredients are dissolved add 3 table-spoonfuls strong spirits of camphor. On retiring to rest wet the hair with the above liquid, and roll it in twists of paper as usual.

1192. Curling Fluid for the Hair

1192.    Curling Fluid for the Hair. Take 1 ounce avoirdupois finest white gum-arabic ; good moist sugar, 1/2 ounce; pure hot water, Imperial pint; dissolve. To the solution, when cold, add 2 fluid ounces rectified spirit; corrosive sublimate and powdered sal-ammoniac, each 6 grains; the last two being dissolved in the spirit before admixture. Lastly, add enough water to make the whole measure 1 pint, with a little esprit de rose, eau de Cologne, or eau de lavande, to scent it. The hair is moistened with the fluid before putting it in papers or papillotes, or twisting it with the fingers. Shake before using.

1193. Wild Rose Curling Fluid

1193.     Wild Rose Curling Fluid. Take 2 drachms avoirdupois dry salt of tartar (carbonate of potassa); powdered cochineal, 1/2 drachm; liquor of ammonia and esprit de rose, each 1 fluid drachm; glycerine, 1/4 ounce; rectified spirit, 11/2 Imperial fluid ounces; distilled water, 18 ounces; digest, with agitation, for a week, and then decant or filter. The hair is moistened with it, and then loosely adjusted. The effect occurs as it dries.

1194. Drying Washes for Moist, Lax Hair

1194.      Drying Washes for Moist, Lax Hair. Take of essential oil of almonds, 1 Imperial fluid drachm ; oil of cassia, 1/2 fluid drachm; essence of musk, 1/2 fluid drachm; rectified spirit, 21/2 fluid ounces; mix, and add gradually, with brisk agitation, 16 avoirdupois ounces distilled water in which has been dissolved 1 ounce finest gum-arabic. The hair and scalp are slightly moistened with the liquid, and the hair at once arranged without wiping, whilst still moist. Shake before using.

1195. Rose Bandoline

1195.    Rose Bandoline. Steep 6 ounces gum tragacanth for 30 hours in 1 gallon rose-water, stirring frequently; strain through a cloth, and let it stand for a few days; then strain again and work into it 4 drachms oil of roses. (See No. 1154 (Quince Mucilage).)

1196. Hair Gloss

1196.    Hair Gloss. Mix 1 pint spirit of jasmin, and 5 drops aniline, with 4 pounds pure glycerine.

1197. How to Dry a Lady's Hair

1197.    How to Dry a Lady's Hair. The lady should recline on a lounge or a sola, with her long hair hanging over the end. A pan containing 2 or 3 bits of ignited charcoal is then placed under it, and a little powdered benzoin sprinkled upon the lighted fuel. The thick smoke which rises and is strongly impregnated with benzoic acid combined with carbonic acid, rapidly absorbs the moisture in the hair, which should be previously well wiped with towels, so as to be as free from wet as possible; and in a.few seconds the hair is perfectly dry, beautifully perfumed, and ready for the operation of the brush.