Boiled Tongue.

Carve across the tongue, but do not cut through; keep the sluts rather thin, and help the fat from underneath.

Boiled Tongue 457

The cook should send a roast pig to table as displayed here, garnished with head and ears; carve the joints in the direction shown by the lines in the diagram, then divide the ribs, serve with plenty of sauce: should one of the joints be too much, it may be separated : bread sauce and stuffing should accompany it. An ear and the jaw are favourite parts with many people.

Boiled Tongue 458

Remove the legs and shoulders, they very easily separate; divide the back into two parts, and by holding the fork firmly in the back, and passing the knife underneath near the middle, and bending it back, this is accomplished readily. The most tender part is on the loins, the meat there is of a very delicate flavour; liver should be helped with it.