Bouts-Rimes. This is a species of amusement generally known in France. It is pronounced '•boo-rema." A number of words that rhyme are given to a composer, who is to fill up the verse, producing good sense, and keeping the words in their stated order Thus: dark. where, around. strife. hark. drear, sound. life. shrill. bright. still. night.

Now, it would require considerable skill for any one to take the above and present them, in their present order, in a perfect composition. Yet it may be done: 'Tis night; the mourning vest of nature - dark And gloomy is the starless sky; around

A melancholy stillness reigns; but hark ! 'Tis but the hooting owl. A sound

Again breaks on the silence: 'tis a shrill

Cry from some churchyard; all again is still.

Where now the grandeur of creation! Where The crowds that mingle in the busy strife?

All's now a dismal chaos, lone and drear,

Rayless and black. And thus it is with life Awhile the scene is beautiful and bright;

Then comes one deep, and dark, and cheerless night.