Chrysididae. These are the hummingbirds of entomologists. They are adorned with the most splendid and effulgent colours, tastefully arranged, and blended in perfect harmony. Who can look without admiration upon this member of a beautious tribe, the Chrysis fulgida. cr golden fly, a creature partially enwrapped in a shining coat of mail; the head, thorax, and first segments of the abdomen and legs bright blue, variegated with green and purple; the second and third segments of a bright crimson, reflecting gold and green ? Thus gaily attired, the insect no sooner attains perfection, than he finds a ready supply for all his wants in the humble-looking shepherd's-purse, a small way-side plant, which presents a striking contrast to his own brilliant invest-ments. About sixteen species of the tribe pertain to Britain; among which the golden fly may be seen during the warm days of June merrily running with his companions up and down the southern side of walls and pailings, glittering in the sun beams, and delighting the lover of nature with his resplendent, hues.

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