Stammering (Cure For). The philosophy of the cure is simple. Stammering is occasioned by the effort to speak while inhaling; and utterance is only obtained when the lungs become full of air, and the process of breathing out begins. The lesson given is, never to attempt to speak until after taking breath. So long as the individual can think of this law, and carefully apply it, no impediment would occur; but the habit of years is not to be overcome by a few days, or even weeks, of perseverance, and, in most cases, the stammerer returns in a little time to the old order of things. It is known that stammerers can sing without manifesting the slightest impediment ; and the reason is plain - the chest has to be constantly supplied with air, like an organ, in order to produce the desired musical sounds. It is unquestionably true, that stammering may be prevented by carefully observing the directions above given. That the cure does not remain is not, we think, so much a defect in the means as a failure on the part of the individual to use them long enough. The habit of years is not to be overcome in a week or a month. There must be perseverance, and for many months, perhaps years.