Attraction (Electrical). A term used to express the phenomena by which light bodies leap towards an electrified body; and the principle has been applied to effect the amusing experiment represented in the engraving. The upper plate has been electrified, and two light figures have been placed between that plate and another plate ; and for some time they jump and dance from one plate to another in a very surprising manner The cause is not any principle of attraction or repulsion, but arises from the atoms of air which lie between the two plates being disturbed by what was done, when the upper plate was what was called electrified; whereas, in truth, it was the stratum of air lying between the two plates which was then disturbed, the plates themselves being mere boundaries of that stratum; and the effort of the atoms on the two sides of the stratum to return to their regular natural position, being greater than the weight of the light bodies, the light bodies yield to the force, and jump from side to side of the stratum, till the original natural position of the atoms of the stratum of air is restored.

Electrical Attraction 138